AMD’s Q1 earnings are in, capping off a very important quarter for the company. For the first quarter of the year, AMD booked $984 million in revenue, a sizable 18% jump over Q1 last year. This revenue increase was enough to narrow the company’s losses, but not to wipe them out entirely. On a GAAP basis the company lost $73M for the quarter, leading to an overall loss of $0.08 per share. Q1 is also a relatively weak quarter for technology companies in general, and AMD is no exception, with revenue down and losses up slightly compared to their revenue-strong fourth quarter of 2016.

AMD Q1 2017 Financial Results (GAAP)
Q1’2017 Q4’2016 Q1’2016
Revenue $948M $1110B $832M
Gross Margin 34% 32% 32%
Operating Income -$29M -$3M -$68M
Net Income -$73M -$51M -$109M
Earnings Per Share -$0.08 -$0.06 -$0.14



AMD Releases Q1 2017 Earnings, Confirms Vega and Naples Still On-Track for This Quarter

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