Senior/Product Test Engineer – Based in Singapore (JOB ID: 771227)

Responsibilities: Test development for new product attaining low cost test solution and high test coverage. Test/handler solution platform migration and correlation to attain low test cost and address test setup capacity constraints. Test time reduction. Support test solution transfer to

Application Engineer – Based in Singapore (JOB ID : 771222)

The role will involve working within a multidisciplinary team who carry out system performance test, evaluation and customer qualification focusing on Machine Vision Inspection system. Responsibilities: Technical support of field service engineers and customers when required Evaluating and establishing vision

Pre-Sales Engineer – Based in Hsinchu/Taiwan (JOB ID : 771219)

The main responsibilities of the pre-sales engineer (PSE) revolve around creating awareness of the Client’s products and solutions, and working closely with potential customers to determine how the to best serve their unique needs. The PSE supports sales productivity and deal flow